Medical Cosmetology Organizations Business Operation Experience Sharing

Industrial Mergers and Acquisitions Experience

The Future Strategy Layout of Private Medical Cosmetology Company

Short Supply of Medical Cosmetology Talents VS Doctor Personal Brand

Independent Market Operation For Public Medical Cosmetology Organizations

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Internet plus Medical Cosmetology: Blue Ocean or Bubble?

The help of ConsumerFinance upon Medical Cosmetology Development.

Revolution of Medical Cosmetology Marketing: Current situation and future of

Medical Cosmetology O2O.

The NewOpportunity between Medical Cosmetology and Insurance

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The Investment Prospects: Medical Cosmetology Materials & Equipment/ Private

Organizations/Medical Cosmetology O2O.    

Capital Opportunities for Medical Cosmetology Organizations:Merger,Acquisition  and IPO.

Medical Cosmetology O2O investment under Internet plus: Blue Ocean? Or Red  Ocean?

Prospects and Threats for new technology investment in Medical Cosmetology  Industry.

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Delegates of Medical Cosmetology Organizations in China, South Korea, USA and Brazil will attend IMCI2019 and discuss international cooperation opportunities within the fast growing Medical Cosmetology industry.

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